Appendix A – Development Tools


In this appendix you learn about several options for developing and compiling Java programs. You start with online tools, which although not optimal, provide an easy means to develop if you cannot use tools on your own computer. You then learn about DrJava, an integrated development environment (IDE), designed specifically for students learning Java. You then use the command-line and a simple text editor. The authors then introduce you to using Checkstyle and how to trace through code with the debugger. Finally you learn testing with JUnit.

The authors do not discuss Eclipse, for that you must refer to the material presented in this tutorial and the video presented below. However, nothing you do in this book requires using an IDE such as Eclipse or DrJava.

Try This – Step by Step
  • Installing DrJava
  • DrJava Interactions
  • Command-Line Interface
  • Command-Line Testing
  • Running CheckStyle
  • Tracing with a Debugger
  • Testing with JUnit

Supplementary Videos